We now offer Art Consultancy Services! 

Perfect for the client who wants to create a collection but does not have the time to visit each artist. We provide all services from art selection to delivery, ensuring a smooth experience in creating your collection.

Art Consultancy Services

Curated Art Selection

Whether home, office or commercial project, we can assist in coordinating your art selections by Arizona Artists and curate a special collection of artwork tailored for your space and design goals.

Framing Services

We can assist in selecting the perfect frame for your artwork and the style of your space. We provide framing for all your art needs.

Delivery and Installation

We can provide delivery and installation services to your place of business or your residence.

We understand

Our extensive knowledge of design means we are able to understand and read your blueprints and help you achieve your design goals.  

Years of Experience

After 20 years in the art market and of catering to the most discerning clients, we understand your needs, and pay attention to all the details and nuances to ensure delivery of a perfect project. 

Custom Renderings

Should you need additional assurance once you have selected your artwork, we can provide renderings to show you how your art will look in your space prior to placing your order.

Let us help you find the Art you Love, from Artists in Arizona!

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