Benefit from our years of experience

Helping you navigate the art market. 

Our workshops and courses are designed for artists who are looking to improve their out-of-studio skills and help to create a market, or increase the market for their work. We cover all the vital subjects from developing your Artist Statement and Bio, how to present your work to galleries and curators, to sales strategies and so much more. 

Our years of experience in positions of Art Consultant, Gallery Director, Arts Commission Chair and Artist Representative enable us to provide you with specific insights on the right ways to navigate the art world. 

Whether you are starting out in your art career or are a seasoned professional, our workshops and coaching sessions will help you sustain the direction for your art career for years to come.

Coaching Services for Artists

It is such an exciting time to be an artist! Whether you are just starting to sell your art or are an experienced art professional, there are more ways to reach art buyers than ever before. But with all those possibilities come many questions. Our coaching services are completely personalized and based on a solid understanding of your creativity, your artwork and your personal style.

This personalized approach means we will find unique solutions to your questions and define a career course that works for you and not one that caters to the perceived demands of the art market. 

We look forward to learning more about your art and 

creativity and help you on your way to a sustainable and joy-filled art career!

Sessions are available in person or by phone.

To get started please call or email to arrange for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION 20 minute conversation. We will discuss what is going, areas of improvement and then decide on a strategy to move forward together.

We look forward to helping you find the right way forward!

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