GW Deibler

“I love to paint portraits of all types of people from all walks of life. I've painted a portrait with thirty six people, from five generations, of my family."

GW Deibler was born in Ithaca, New York in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region in 1955. He was raised in this picturesque setting, surrounded by mountains, beautiful forests and trout-fed streams. As a child, his love of art started at a very young age. By the age of seven his mother started to teach him how to paint and draw. By the age of fourteen he was displaying and selling his paintings. 

Medium: Painting

Style: Southwestern Landscape, Representational, Portraits, Surrealism


In Junior High School his guidance counselors suggested that he should take advantage of every art course available, and that he had a great talent and could become a Professional Artist. During the summertime he would attend arts seminars offered at Ithaca College. He was trained as a classical artist, and has studied in several Art Institutes across the United States.

One of the most lasting impressions that influenced the majority of his adult life was, while on deployment with the US Navy in the South Pacific, he saw a sky that was a pure intense pathalo blue. Where the sky and sea melted into one.

He developed a deep love of G-d, nature and people. When he was asked once where his home is. He stated his home is a place that’s deep within his heart. That has long gone by, or yet to come.

"What defines me as a person and an artist is my deep love of G-d, Family, Heritage and Traditions.“ 

He has painted a variety of subjects, images and people from all over the world. But, his favorite subject is people. Their loves, disappointments, and heartbreaks are what captivates his soul. 

"When I paint people in a crowd, I look for their faces. Even when the face you see in the painting is no bigger than my little finger nail, about 10 mm in diameter, I want you to see the joy or pain that I feel when I look at them. My goal is to make those people come to life and to bring individual stories into my paintings." 

"I will never stop learning as a painter or an artist. For in doing so, I will fail at my ultimate goal, to depict the world and all mankind around me with respect, and as artfully as can."


The artist has been studying oil painting since the age of seven. He has completed almost every art work class. He has studied at Time in Cortland community college, Colorado Institute of Art, Rocky Mountain College of Art and design, New York’s art student league, and several seminars. The Artist also has a very large social media following.

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Oil Painters of America, Arizona Artist Guild, Wham, American Portrait Society

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GW Deibler, Artist / Poet

Visual Storyteller in Fine Oil

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