NEw year, new art online exhibit


NEW YEAR, NEW ART! An online exhibit through Feburary 13, 2020

We asked artists to inspire us and submit works created within the last year for selection into our curated show, “New Year, New Art!”

From our numerous entries, we have carefully selected artwork that reflects a diverse range of styles, medium, and subject matter. We are always impressed at the quality of work from artists in Arizona and this curated show is no exception. The creativity and talent of our featured artists shines in this exhibit.

Now you can ”art walk” from the comfort of your home or favorite coffee shop via your mobile phone or computer. Each piece has been beautifully photographed to show the details of the work. Once you’ve selected the piece you would like to purchase you contact the artist directly to arrange to view the piece in person or have it shipped. 

Want help with your purchase? We can do that. Just ask us and we will assist with your selections and curate your own collection from our Artists in Arizona!

We hope you enjoy this exhibit to celebrate the New Year with art that’s been newly created in the studios of our most talented artists. Sit back and get ready to be inspired!


Selected artists: Name, medium and style

TERRY AMERINE: Painting • Abstraction (3)

KAREN BUDAN: Painting • Representational (Still Life) (2)

MARK CARROLL: Sculpture • Abstraction (3)

CYNDY CARSTENS: Painting • Landscapes (3)

JOAN MAUREEN COLLINS: Painting • Abstraction (3)

DORIA D.: Painting • Abstraction (1)

GW DIEBLER: Painting • Landscape (1)

NANCY FINNEGAN: Drawing, Painting • Figure & Representational (3)

PAT ISAACSON: Glass Art • Abstraction, Floral (3)

JIM JENKINS: Sculpture • Animals, Floral (3)

NICHOLE LAIZURE: Painting • Landscape, Figure & Representational (3)

LINDA LINDUS: Painting • Landscape (2)

DEANNE MCKEOWN: Sculpture • Animals, Figure & Representational (3)

JUDY PATE: Painting • Landscape (3)

ANN VON PENTZ: Photography • Animals, Floral & Landscape (3)

LISA SCADRON: Painting • Abstraction (3)

TODD WEST: Painting • Abstraction (3)