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Terry was born in West Palm Beach, Florida and has lived in Texas and Kansas before settling in Phoenix in 1986. He was greatly influenced by his maternal grandmother, who was an established artist in California. "I remember my grandmother would ship paintings for each of her grandchildren at Christmas time when I was a kid in Kansas. I was fascinated by her talent and the creations she made. I knew I wanted to learn how to create art."

Style: Abstract

Medium: Acrylic on glass, canvas

Accepts Commissions

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Terry AMerine

After receiving multiple awards for his pieces in high school, he decided to pursue a career in art. He attended Arizona State University and received a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art Education. Working in a custom frame shop during his high school and college years helped to defray the cost of some of his education, he also was employed in the class room teaching crafts, photography, video production, elementary and secondary art, and literature.

Because of the unfortunate financial cuts to the arts in education, Terry chose to apply the tools he gained from his degree to the gallery and custom framing business. Over 26 years of working with art in galleries, designers and the picture frame industry has been a great influence.

"My view of art has evolved over time. You can experience art on many levels and also enjoy it also on many levels, whether it is being captivated by a work of art or simply creating a piece at any level of talent. I believe the creative process is part of who we were created to be. There is so much beauty in the world and I enjoy engaging with that. Sometimes the journey to create a piece is as satisfying as the finished product."

Working in an art gallery provides a way for him to creatively view custom picture framing as an outlet for inspiration. "I so appreciate creative people and enjoy seeing what other artists create and what clients bring to frame." When not working or creating art, Terry enjoys spending time with his wife and children.


BA, Fine Art Education, Arizona State University


The Art Department, Scottsdale, AZ


Terry Amerine

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