Linda Lindus

Sometimes feel like my life is a story that begins with “once upon a time” from the days of my youth that began in the Pacific Northwest, to the East Coast, and the rocky shores of upper New England. Life’s been like a rolling st​one. 

Medium: Painting, Acrylic/Oil

Style: Abstract, Representational, Animals

linda lindus

With my first arrival in the 70s in Arizona, it was love at first sight of the red rocks, textures, and the diverse landscape’s native roughness. When the owner of a local publication asked for my help, my art shop and teaching gave way to a writing career, which soon became editing and then publishing.

And then the corporate world called, and I began a fairy-tale career that had started as a cub reporter at a weekly newspaper, to OVP of a publicly traded media company, and president of one of the Los Angeles area’s largest media groups. 

After six states and 12 cities in 30 years, I unpacked my bags, hung up my suits, banished my heels, and headed back to my soul home—Arizona.

"With my first arrival in the 70s in Arizona, it was love at first

sight of the red rocks, textures, and the diverse 

landscape’s native roughness.

I started painting as a child, and my first oil was “Blondie,” the neighbor’s dog. My paintings in oil and acrylic tend to be as varied as Arizona. I love the abstract-expressionist works because they allow a mix of experiences and the visual world. 

Critter work, furry and feathered, big and small, pay tribute to God’s creatures and their individual souls. Of course, life must have humor, so playful critter humor helps keep me grounded.

Living in North Scottsdale, surrounded by much-loved family and friends, along with my fur babies, life continues on its “once upon a time” journey, but now it has an added vibrant color.


Various art schools and individual instruction


Sonoran Art League, Shemer Art Center and Museum

The Gallery at El Pedregal (Scottsdale, AZ)

Snips Gallery (Scottsdale, AZ)

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Linda Lindus


Telephone: 310-560-1581