Lisa Scadron

Encouraged by her parents and grandfather, a painter, Lisa began oil painting lessons at age eight and has been making art ever since. A native of Tucson, Arizona, she has exhibited artwork in the U.S. and internationally. Lisa has a Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology with a minor in Art History from Stanford University and an Integrative Health Coaching certification from Duke Integrative Medicine. Since 2008, she divides her time between Tucson, Arizona and Mumbai, India.

Medium: Painting, Mixed Media, Digital Prints 

Style: Abstract



I grew up immersed in Southern Arizona's beautiful Sonoran Desert landscape. The influence of that desert's color and vastness, combined with my early travels around the world, helped me understand that I innately visualize my surroundings, natural or man-made, in terms of shapes, colors and compositions. Exploring materiality in service of beauty, I configure multiple layers of textures, vivid colors, and iridescent materials into abstract paintings that are at once ethereal and earthy, expressing my visceral connection to the landscapes of the Southwest and to the "scapes" in my mind. My prints originate from sections of my paintings that I digitally transform. They are not reproductions of my paintings, but original works of art created digitally. My creative process is an antidote to my tendency to overthink almost everything, as the act of making forces me to be present, favoring what feels right in that instant, instead of insisting on preconceived images and ideas. I follow “mistakes” and “tangents,” using them to navigate the unknown territory of a work in progress. When I play with materials and trust the process, beauty coalesces from the layers of media.


1993-1998, Bachelor of Arts, Minor in Art History, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

1993-1998, Bachelor of Arts, Major in Human Biology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

1996, Sculpture Class, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

1995, Figure Drawing Class, Pima Community College, Tucson, AZ 1983-1993, Oil Painting Lessons, Instructors Andrea Witte and Nathan Robinson, Tucson, AZ

1980-1989, Art Classes, Tucson Unified School District Fine Arts Magnet Schools, Tucson, AZ

Gallery Representation

Axle Studios, Tucson, AZ


Works held in non-profit and corporate collections in the United States and private collections in the United States, England, Malta, New Zealand and India.

Price range

Prices vary by size of the painting


Lisa Scadron



Telephone: (520) 800-3746