LuAnn Beardmore

The word that would best describe LuAnn as an Artist is DIVERSE.  She paints in so many different genres.... Contemporary,  Abstract, Tromp l'oeil, Surrealism, Realism, etc... painting on almost anything, glass, floors, furniture, ceilings, tiles, fabric, metal, animal skulls and even canvas!

Medium: Painting, Acrylic, Prints, Murals, Drawing

Style: Contemporary, Figurative, Abstract 

LuAnn beardmore

LuAnn started her life in Houston, Texas in 1959, then Omaha, Nebraska in 1976, then Scottsdale, Arizona in 1994 where she still resides.  Her education is the Fashion & Art Institute of Dallas where she graduated w/Honors in 1986, but considers herself more of a self-taught artist learning a little more from every project she creates. She has also had the opportunity to travel extensively, from Lebanon to Argentina to the fjords of Norway and has met with Presidents and Prime Ministers. All of these experiences are reflected in her artwork. When one asks her how she creates, she will say that it is not something that can be explained, it is all by "FEEL."

"My passion for art started at around age three...I picked up a crayon and I never put it down!" 

She has managed an Art Gallery, operated her own Gallery along with six other accomplished Artists, worked alongside other Artists at the Dennis Hopper Studios, and owned and operated a creative Framing business and for the past 22 years a Custom Muralist/Fine Artist. Her work is displayed in the homes of many prominent citizens and commercial establishments in the Arizona Valley as well as southern California. Her works have been published in over 25 local and national periodicals.   

Some of her more notable works is a 30 x 7' installation in the lobby of the Sanford Stem Cell Consortium in La Jolla, CA. and the baseball players on the upper level of Chase Field in Phoenix,  AZ. 


Fashion & Art Institute of Dallas


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LuAnn Beardmore



Telephone: 602.550.1242