Mark Carroll

Mark Carroll has been a professional sculptor for over 30 years. Mark has a Masters Degree in Art Education. After teaching high school art for eight years, he left to make a full time career as a sculptor and established The Sculpture Studio LLC in East Aurora, NY. He relocated his studio to Cave Creek, AZ in 2009.

Medium: Sculpture

Style: Contemporary, Mixed Media, Realism

Accepts Commissions

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mark carroll

Mark started his career as a woodcarver crafting decorative wildlife carvings. He progressed to sculpting life-size figures in wood for churches and hospitals. He also carved scientifically accurate reproductions, such as an Archaeopteryx, by working from fossil remains, for the Buffalo Museum of Science in Buffalo NY. For the past 22 years, Mark has also been working as a free-lance model maker for the toy industry, primarily for Fisher Price. He did the exacting work of sculpting the model-masters in clay or wax that were used to make the steel molds for production. After taking a marble carving class in Vermont, stone carving became a new fascination. From marble, he went on to learn how to carve granite. For twelve years, Mark attended the Limestone Sculpture Symposium in Bloomington IN. A desire to combine different materials prompted an interest in welding. Combinations of limestone and steel, or granite and stainless steel, were soon added to his portfolio of work. After moving his studio to Arizona in 2009, Mark has concentrated of developing his own art work, focusing primarily on stone carving. His wide range of sculpting experiences has provided the craftsmanship, knowledge of techniques, and understanding of form that is essential when it comes to creating a unique abstract sculpture.

The Sculpture Studio LLC is your source for contemporary sculpture in stone, wood, and metal. Sculptor Mark Carroll will help you create a unique work of art to enhance your home, office, or landscape. Become part of the creative process and work with Mark on designing your sculpture. Commissions are welcome.


BA Degree: Art, Masters Degree: Art Education K-12

Memberships / Galleries

Sonoran Arts League; Renee Taylor Gallery


Mark Carroll

6051 Hidden Valley Drive Suite 4 Cave Creek, AZ 85331